Corner Cat Hammock PDF Pattern on Etsy

I'm so excited! I just finished my PDF pattern for the design of my corner cat hammock and I'm offering it now for $5 on Etsy. It's an excellent project for animal advocates and animal rescues and anyone who has a cat who enjoys hanging out. That's just about all cats, isn't it? ;)
The 8-page PDF pattern will be emailed directly to the buyer within 24 hours. Pattern is complete with step by step instructions, photos and a list of resources for materials needed.
The corner cat hammock design saves space in a kennel. Both sides of the hammock are suitable for lounging so when one side is lightly soiled, flip it over. :) Read more about the pattern here.
The kitty above is hanging out in one of the corner hammocks I've sewn and donated to my local Humane Society. Studies indicate a more relaxed animal literally can be adopted faster because they are more able to bring out their individual personalities to potential adopters. And THAT as all animal lovers will attest is a VERY GOOD THING! Especially now that Spring is upon us and more and more "unwanted" kittens are brought into shelters.
Please consider ADOPTING an animal at your local animal shelter or rescue. Saving a life WILL enrich your own. And THANK YOU for telling animal advocates about this pattern. Proceeds from the sale of this pattern and my ADOPT ME Vest Pattern for dogs (also on Etsy) allows me to continue helping the animals. :)
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