My New Decorating and Crafting Word is: eclectiCheap!

The entire last year from the beginning of summer on was literally a blur. My husband and I began our DIY renovation of our 640 square foot cottage here in Hawaii. What an experience that was!

My New Reading Nook

Renovating Our Cottage

I've neglected my postings and I apologize to those couple of people who may have noticed. ha :)  We are still doing bits of finish work but for all intents and purposes the main job is done. I will share a few pictures with you today, BUT I wanted to tell you about my new word.

I made it up this morning and it's perfect for me. The word is eclectiCheap. What do you get when you combine Eclectic style with Inexpensive? You get my new word..... eclectiCheap. (Pronounce it as if you were combining the two words Eclectic and Cheap.) I kind of like it, don't you? 

What kinds of projects are you currently working on? Please share!

Aloha for now!

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