Craft Gossip Likes My Good Kitty Karma! Want to Help?!!! :)

Photo of my hammock courtesy Andrew Mathias at Hawaiian Humane Society
Let me tell you a brief story. I like to help animals and so I designed a corner hammock pattern for homeless kitties for my local animal shelter, the Hawaiian Humane Society in Honolulu. (No, of course I did NOT invent the corner, hahaha, but I did create this original pattern.) :)

Over the past few years I've sewn and donated lots of animal things to the HHS and to many animal rescues and shelters in the U.S. mainland. The animals need all of us sewing for them.....I can't keep up!

You can now access my online version FREE where I have published a tutorial on Squidoo. The great folks at Craft Gossip are helping me to spread the word. So, please even if you don't sew I'm asking you to share this post and this link so we can create lots and lots of happy kitty karma!

 Thank YOU for helping the animals! YAY!!!

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