Loving My New Brabantia Rotary Clothes Dryer!

I haven't been so excited about doing laundry since I was a kid helping mom with the old wringer washer, but..... 

I wrote a whole page about my new spin-top backyard clothes dryer. You know the kind of clothesline I'm talking about, right?

It's the umbrella kind that is also portable so you can easily take it down and stash away when it's not being used. You stand in one place and turn the dryer so empty lines are there in front of you ready to be utilized.

I feel very European, even though I'm standing under one of my backyard coconut trees. Want to get one of these? Here you go:

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P.S. AND........in case you don't have a backyard space for a clothesline you can still use a rotary dryer. Just get the kind that mounts to the side of your home!



  1. I didn't know I could get one that didn't require space. Need to look into buying one b


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