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Redoing furniture isn't new to me, though blogging about it is. I have a little Before and After page where I have a few pics of some of the furniture I've redone. I wish I had pictures of every project I've done for the past eons, but who knew there would one day be a thing called blogging? LOL

This simple desk was my big $10 find today. Here's what it looked like when I unloaded it from my jeep. It's basically a blank canvas with a small drawer and a handy pull out shelf.  Since then it's already been sanded and cleaned and a little gluing and clamping done on the drawer. (In between laundry, weeding and mulching and other domestic doo doos...) My mind is considering what's next with this redo....  

P.S.  Wanted to say it's my goal to pick up a piece for $10 or under....but honestly, even $20 isn't too much over here though I'm usually pretty cheap. There are only so many places to go on an island, so all in all, I can't complain about my finds. There is inspiration everywhere, which makes each "new" piece an adventure of sorts. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Oh yeah, clockwise from left...Homer Laughlin creamer in mint condition was 75 cents, glass candle holder with prisms cost $1.25 and ribbed glass light cover for 25 cents. (These were my other purchases today.) Not a bad day in Paradise after all.


  1. Pam thanks for stopping by my blog, love seeing knew followers- I too just became a follower of yours-and cant wait to see more-fixer uppers- sometimes you really need the inspiration of someone elses project
    Cute Desk- $10-great deal

  2. Hi Pam,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment on my slant top desk redo! I look forward to seeing what you do with this little desk. I'm going to look around your blog now, take care!


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