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Fun project. Sand, prime, paint, decoupage with white glue and hot water, top with water base polyrcrylic. Done! 


I pretty much had all the fixings at home for this project. Required sanding, stenciling and finishing the settee, sewing cushions and pillows. The stencil says it all; it was a cheap seat and was gifted to one of my hub's surfer buddies.  

       Recycle thrift shop leather belts and weave them into a new chair seat. Here's how I did it.

I only have the "after" pic for this American Gothic cabinet and the small chest of drawers...so sorry but these were done before I was ever thinking of internet blogging. Here's some info on adding graphics though...


  1. Love all of these... especially the lamp!! will have to give that one a try!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Following you too!! {Swim meet is having its ups and downs but it's all good!!}

  2. A few years ago a neighbor and I pulled a privacy fence from the dumpster and made it into a super long gardening bench. with storage beneath... and all for the cost of about 40 long screws. Isn't it fun to repurpose old things? They always surprise you.

  3. Love your stuff! I'm a sharpie addict and love drawing on old furniture and lamp shades. (gotta take kids to school) sorry for the short message.

  4. I recently heard: Nate Berkus had a guest on his show that recycled belts into woven rugs. Anybody see it?

  5. Hi Pam,

    Found your site though a post you made on the Thrift Shopper Site. Love your projects and that you turn useable materials into beautiful things. Please stop by our blog at MyPersonalAccent.com and see what us mainland DIY folks are up to.


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