Upcycled Leather Belts Seating

Upcycled leather belts from the thrift shop were used to create this leather chair seat. It took 20 leather belts to cover the seat and when I originally completed this project several years back, the belts cost me 25 cents each for a total investment of $5. Here's how to make a leather chair seat of woven leather belts.

Flip the chair over and remove the existing seat cover. It should be screwed into the chair frame. I used a ratchet screwdriver to make the job easier.

Once the seating frame is exposed, lay the leather belts over the frame in a pleasing pattern and begin to inter weave the leather belts. I had purchased two red leather belts and made sure one red belt was placed horizontally and the other vertically. Also, I tried to vary the textures of the belt during placement to keep the leather chair seat interesting.

Once the leather belts are woven in place on top, begin securing the belts on the underside to the chair frame. Pull each side taut, alternating sides and secure using a staple gun OR....

you could also use a tack hammer and upholstery tacks to attach the leather belts underneath the chair frame. (I used both methods when fashioning my woven leather chair seat.) Before securing belts to frame with the tacks or the staple gun, you may opt to trim any excess lengths of the leather belts using a sharp utility knife. However, as shown in the below pic....

I found that several of the belt lengths were perfectly suited to fastening as you would while actually wearing a belt. (That was certainly easy.) :)

Here's a closeup of the finished seat. And in case you're wondering, this upcycled leather belt seating is incredibly strong. This chair does not get everyday use, but it does come out when we have company and need extra seating. It never fails to bring me compliments and people are inevitably surprised at how very comfortable it actually is.

Moral of this story....don't throw away your leather belts! Here's some more ideas for up cycled leather belts.



  2. Uber clever do-it-yourself idea. Now I'm stoked about finding leather belts when I go to garage sales ;)

  3. I made a few of these, too! Yours is GREAT!! Stop by and take peek at mine? I'd live your feedback! It's my post from yesterday (July 15, 2012) on my new blog: www.WhatAmberLoves.com


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