Room Divider - DIY Tropical Style

This DIY tropical style room divider was actually one of the most fun and quick projects I've worked on in a while. Very cost effective "natural" decor and accented with air plants hot glued onto the front of the hanging divider. You can see this soon in person in the lobby of my daughter, Riki's, new day spa in Astoria, Oregon.   

To make a room divider like'll need: 

Reed fencing 6' wide x 16' long
Craft scissors to cut reed
Four 1"x4" boards (8 ft lengths)
Staple gun and staples
Gorilla Glue
2 hooks for ceiling
2 Eye screws for divider
Wood screws 1 1/4" long
Drill and Phillips-head bit
Handsaw or miter saw

  1. Begin by cutting the 16' length of reed fencing in half so you have a piece that is 6' wide x 8' long. (The fencing is actually enough to make two 8' long room dividers and at $23 for the entire 16' roll from Home Depot which makes this a very inexpensive DIY project. 
  2. Trim two feet from the 8' lengths of 1"x 4" so they are 6' each.
  3. Lay one 6' length of wood on floor. Apply a thin line of Gorilla Glue down the center part of the wood. Align one end of the reed fencing on top of the wood piece and staple along the length at edge.
  4. Take second piece of wood and sandwich the reed fencing in between. Screw wood sections together.
  5. Repeat procedure for other end.

Screw an eye screw approximately 1 ft in from each end at the top. To these attach the U-links, then the chain. Hang chain from ceiling hooks and adjust lengths where needed, particularly if installing from a sloped ceiling. 

I had hoped to take more pictures of the entire process, but the room divider was done so quickly, we completely forgot. :(  Ooops! It's such a simple project though that all you'll need to do will be measure the length of the area from floor to ceiling and purchase the chain accordingly already cut in sections. Email me if you have additional questions and I'll be more than happy to help.

P.S. By the way, for any of my blogging friends who live in the Astoria, Oregon area or who may have family or friends there, I will soon be sponsoring spa treatments for several lucky readers. I can personally attest to the quality work these gals do, so please stay tuned. :) Aloha!
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  1. Very clever idea, Pam! Wish I wasn't on the opposite side of the US. I'd love some spa pampering! Best of luck with Riki's new endeavor.


  2. This is really pretty cool. I see it not only as a room divider but it could be fun suspended behind a bed for the illusion of a headboard or behind a sofa that isn't pushed up against the wall for a unique translucent element to give height to a room, to differentiate one space from another or to draw attention to a corner or vignette.
    Very nice.
    Thanks, too, for your encouragement today on my living room redo panic attack. :) Wise words.
    Pam R

  3. What a great mom you are! Good luck to your daughter's new biz!

  4. That is impressive. Great tutorial and definitely a technique that many can use.

  5. That is awesome. I wish I lived close so I could check out the spa.

    Thanks for linking up. We look forward to getting to know you and seeing more and more projects.


  6. What a great use for reed fencing! It will be perfect in the new day spa! Thanks for linking up to the DIY Project Party monthly contest! :)


  7. Pam what a perfect addition to the spa! Love the natural element it adds to the space. Very clever and creative. Thanks so much for linking up. Hope you have a wonderful week. ~ Stephanie Lynn

  8. What a creative and clever idea! Perfect!

    Have a great week!


  9. Pam- can I do this vertical instead of horizontal with the reeds? I want to divide a larger space.

    1. I would think so, but with a few adjustments.
      1. Biggest "problem" would be getting a solid length of 1 x 4 that is long enough for the width of the reed fence. (You could always use a couple of metal braces with holes and screw the ends of two shorter wood lengths together?)
      2. Because you would be sandwiching the "raw" edges of the reed fencing which is not "sewn" together, I would do one of two things to ensure it stays sandwiched between the 1 x 4's....I would either lay a thin bead of Liquid Nails on the board lengths before placing the reed fencing inside, OR I would use duct tape folded in half over the raw fence edges PLUS the Liquid Nails. Using both would be doubly secure, of course. The sandwiching of the boards would cover up the duct tape and the Liquid Nails. Anyway, hope this helps and Good Luck! Please let us know how it turns out?


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