What's Out There Wednesday!

What's Out There Wednesday this week......we're asking the question: "How do you house a flat screen?" And the answer has to be something besides mounting it over a fireplace. Here are three ideas I found on the net....

I love the look of retro furniture. Look what the folks at Wilkerson Furniture out of CA can custom build to house your flat screen tv?

On the other hand, this contemporary cabinet that frames the flat screen looks pretty tempting too.....it's from Must Italia.

On the website, gizmag.com, they showcased several television cabinets manufactured by Halden-Caviglia. What does this one remind you of?

I do love all the solutions above. I think any would work super to house a flat screen. However, I'd trade these all in for this little classic beauty:

Or maybe this one? Sigh. (and drooling too)... Both are made in the USA and are NEW not retro. See additional info here regarding these Predicta Retro models.

That's it for What's Out There Wednesday for this week, except to remind you to enter the Malama Day Spa giveaway for the full facial here. Aloha!


  1. These TVs are very cool! I love the Art Deco one!!! Nice.


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