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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What's Out There Wednesday........Vertical Garden Living Wall and Air Plants!

What's Out There Wednesday was an easy choice this week. I am in awe with the idea of air plants, a living wall, a vertical garden right at my fingertips. It's astounding for me to think how proud I was just a few years ago of finally finding an indoor plant (the philodendron, of course) that even I couldn't kill and now to probably be the last person on earth to discover these techniques.........well, here you go. I'll quit rambling and let you see for yourself! :)

Pigeon Toe Ceramics out of Portland, Oregon hand make these half-cylinder wall tiles for nestling air plants. I would love to have a trio of these tiles on my living room wall. Aren't they just a "chic of nature"? :) Love them! Air plants are fabulous, if you don't already know that. Super, super easy to care for. You can read more about air plants here.

Caring for a vertical garden is easy with Woolly Pockets. Designed like planters to form a living wall, these pocket containers are made from a fabric constructed of recycled plastic bottles. Find out how easy it is to create a vertical garden indoors with this simple, but unique system! (It's a little difficult to see the actual Woolly Pockets in the pictures because of all the greenery, but go here for a closer look and more info.)

How about this vertical garden living wall divider? It's a product of Green Design, a company in Sydney, Australia. I would love to work in an office with this "green screen".  Actually, I'd welcome any of these living wall ideas in my home. I think they're all terrific and definitely a step in the right direction. Do you have a living wall in your home? If so, please do share! :) Aloha!

Monday, September 6, 2010

How to Craft a Necktie Pillow

Learning how to craft a necktie pillow is very easy. Neckties can be found in oodles of colors and patterns and although one necktie alone won't cover a pillow, you combine them by simply weaving into your own tie style pillow.

I used six men's ties to craft my necktie pillow. These thrift shop ties were a real bargain at 25 cents each.

I laid the ties face up with the tips alternating directions as shown. Notice the corners of the paisley tie in the foreground above are around the 21" mark on my cutting grid. I used the measuring tape and marked off approximately 13 inches from the corners of the first necktie and cut in a straight line. Do this for each of the neckties.

Red remnant fabric was used as the fabric stabilizer for the top cover of the necktie pillow. This fabric was cut into a rectangle slightly larger than the ties. (see below)

After pinning the ties in place, I used a straight edge ruler to draw a  stitching line on only the two opposing sides of the cover. (Remember you have to leave the two remaining sides open in order to weave the ties through.) This straight stitching was done on the sewing machine.

The remaining lengths of neckties were used to start the weaving process.

Once the weaving was finished and pinned in place, I went back to the sewing machine and top stitched the edges around all sides of the necktie pillow cover.

I fashioned a sham-like backing for the necktie pillow with the last of the red remnant fabric. The entire construction process was completed in a very short time and the cost was literally just a few dollars. 

Once you've learned how to craft a necktie pillow using this weaving process, I'm sure you'll think of all sorts of ways to utilize old neckties. Would love to see what you come up with. Enjoy!

Linking to a party at Under the Table and Dreaming. Come join the fun!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Vanity Mirror Tray

This vanity mirror tray was a $3 thrift shop find. First the layers of the vanity mirror tray were disassembled. Then I cleaned it, used a metal spray primer and sprayed a top coat of heirloom white on the previously tarnished metal surface.

Now I love the way it looks with my milk glass sitting on top. I think these are the best kind of projects..fun, frugal and quick! It's also a great way to recycle, not to mention the money saved using products already on hand.

I wanted to wish everyone a safe and fun holiday weekend!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's Your Lucky Day!

Anyway, that's what I woke up saying to myself this morning and I was right!!! I got an email from Renee at Where the Grass is Greener informing me I'd won a pair of the sweetest wood frames and I didn't have to jump through a bunch of hoops to do it....all I had to do was follow. Can't wait to get these pair of baby blues! Visit Renee's blog or at least one of her two Etsy shops to see what this talented lady can do. She is planning another random drawing when her blog reaches 100 followers, so what are you waiting for? :) Thanks again Renee! Yippee!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What's Out There Wednesday!

I'm back with some fun and fascinating projects and ideas for What's Out There Wednesday! Let's start with this oldie but goodie from Apartment Therapy......It makes me want to walk through a forest in Oregon or someplace and pick up some limbs from the ground.. I'm afraid all I'd get here in Hawaii would be palm fronds. lol   hmmmmmmm......

These framed wall bookshelves from Graham and Green show that these guys were definitely thinking outside the box. (get it?) Sorry....lol

This project for What's Out There Wednesday is courtesy of Rosa at Gizmodo. Check out her light bulb planter or rooter. She'll give you the scoop on where to go for more info. 

Enjoy and Aloha!
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