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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What's Out There Wednesday........Vertical Garden Living Wall and Air Plants!

What's Out There Wednesday was an easy choice this week. I am in awe with the idea of air plants, a living wall, a vertical garden right at my fingertips. It's astounding for me to think how proud I was just a few years ago of finally finding an indoor plant (the philodendron, of course) that even I couldn't kill and now to probably be the last person on earth to discover these techniques.........well, here you go. I'll quit rambling and let you see for yourself! :)

Pigeon Toe Ceramics out of Portland, Oregon hand make these half-cylinder wall tiles for nestling air plants. I would love to have a trio of these tiles on my living room wall. Aren't they just a "chic of nature"? :) Love them! Air plants are fabulous, if you don't already know that. Super, super easy to care for. You can read more about air plants here.

Caring for a vertical garden is easy with Woolly Pockets. Designed like planters to form a living wall, these pocket containers are made from a fabric constructed of recycled plastic bottles. Find out how easy it is to create a vertical garden indoors with this simple, but unique system! (It's a little difficult to see the actual Woolly Pockets in the pictures because of all the greenery, but go here for a closer look and more info.)

How about this vertical garden living wall divider? It's a product of Green Design, a company in Sydney, Australia. I would love to work in an office with this "green screen".  Actually, I'd welcome any of these living wall ideas in my home. I think they're all terrific and definitely a step in the right direction. Do you have a living wall in your home? If so, please do share! :) Aloha!


  1. Love the coat hangers on the vertical garden.


  2. Wow, I don't know anything about this airplants until I read your post
    Thank you for the post, I'm heading over airplants4u.com

    Citra @ innocentia

  3. Hi Pam,

    I just love your blog and how creative you are! If I ever need an idea, I know this is the first place to look. :)

  4. A wall of plants is completely above my ability to keep alive, but I love the look of it.

  5. Wow, what a brilliant idea! Love the great use of hangers! So creative!

    - Wendi


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