What's Out There Wednesday!

I'm back with some fun and fascinating projects and ideas for What's Out There Wednesday! Let's start with this oldie but goodie from Apartment Therapy......It makes me want to walk through a forest in Oregon or someplace and pick up some limbs from the ground.. I'm afraid all I'd get here in Hawaii would be palm fronds. lol   hmmmmmmm......

These framed wall bookshelves from Graham and Green show that these guys were definitely thinking outside the box. (get it?) Sorry....lol

This project for What's Out There Wednesday is courtesy of Rosa at Gizmodo. Check out her light bulb planter or rooter. She'll give you the scoop on where to go for more info. 

Enjoy and Aloha!


  1. These are such great projects, Pam. Thanks for sharing them!!

  2. Luv the branch! The simplicity of that lil' piece of the room makes me want to rent a dumpster:) {{{JK}}}
    Happy Wednesday

  3. Oh, I like that light bulb, it's really cute.


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