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Monday, May 31, 2010

Mid Century Modern Hairpin Legs - How to Restore Finish

Hairpin legs on retro mid century modern furniture pieces are my absolute favorite feature born in that innovative period of furniture design. If you are lucky enough to find original hairpin legs while out thrifting, snap those babies up. The finish is very easy to restore. Here's how:

Here is a set of four 12" hairpin legs that I pulled off a dilapidated stool purchased for $3. You don't really think I'm gonna tell you where I got these do you? lol Just kidding.....our local hospital thrift shop is where I go to find some really good deals and to help purchase new medical equipment for the local hospital.


Fill a bucket or container with water. Tear a sheet of 150 grit emery cloth (sandpaper you can get wet) into four equal pieces. Here's the easiest way to tear sandpaper. Use the sandpaper to gently sand the surface of the portion of the hairpin legs immersed in the water.

The idea is to get rid of the rust and prepare the surface for priming and painting. It is NOT necessary to go down to bare metal on the leg. Change the water as often as needed. Run your bare hand over the metal surface...if it feels smooth to touch, it's done. Rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly. 

Spray a coat of grey metal interior/exterior primer on the hairpin legs. Once primer is dry, apply thin coats of flat black Krylon indoor/outdoor paint. Tip: I use free cardboard trays from the grocers and secure wax paper over the cardboard. Place leg on top and spray. The cardboard can be used several times as the wax paper prevents the freshly painted object from sticking.

And just in case you're out thrifting and you only find 2 hairpin legs (YES, it can happen...) Hmmmmm.... What to do? Well, here's what I did with only 2 hairpin legs...

Details on how to build my space-saving half round table can be found here.  

Details on how I made this half round table into a totally awesome hair styling station will be posted tomorrow. Stay tuned.... :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day - a Day of Thanks and a Day of Memories

To the men and women who have served and are serving so we may live as we live.....a humble thank you. My son in law, Andrew, serves today in the Coast Guard. My brother in law, USAF Captain Roger W. Irie, gave his life in the service of his country in 1979. To my mentors and family in the Air Force where I served mid 70s to early 80s, Thank You! My husband and I were both active duty Air Force way back when so a good part of our lives and memories are of the times we served during a mostly peaceful time in our country. We owe our blessings to those who serve so bravely today. Thanking you and yours for our lives and freedom.

(Peaceful times in pre-computer 1981.)

Remembering our Veterans on Memorial Day. THANK YOU!


formerly USAF Sgt Pamela Irie 1975-1981

Easy Make Clothespin Bags - Back to the Basics

Electric dryers are budget wreckers compared to hanging clothes out to dry. Even if you don't have a traditional clothesline in the backyard, there are numerous styles for both indoor and outdoor use available today that fit many different lifestyles and budgets. And what good is a clothesline without a handy clothespin bag?

Putting these cute clothespin bags to work will save money and could possibly trim your waistline at the same time. Bend, pin, bend, pin, bend, pin. What more could a gal ask for? ;)
The complete step by step instructions for my easy make clothespin bags can be found here.

Linking to: Under the Table and Dreaming's Sunday Showcase Party. Join us!


Friday, May 28, 2010

Interisland Flights Oasis

A trip to the outer Hawaiian Islands means a 30 to 45 minute drive to the Interisland Terminal in Honolulu (depending on traffic and route taken) and an average (recommended) two hour wait to catch a flight. (And yes, living here for over 30 years it's better to be safe than sorry......if you get behind a tour group through the security line it can take a while.) While waiting for interisland flights though make sure you visit this oasis of an open courtyard just below the open breezeways near Hawaiian Air's gates.

It was so peaceful there the noise of the groundskeeper's weedeater didn't interfere with our enjoyment of the unexpected surroundings. I took a few shots to share with you......if you find yourself waiting between interisland flights, stop and sit a spell in the tropical courtyard and enjoy the island tradewinds. It's free, it's relaxing and usually not crowded at all. There is an elevator available for those who can't manage the stairs so everyone can enjoy the view. I will always choose tranquil and serene over a crowded gate area any time and I'm betting you do too. Aloha!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vintage Clothes Sprinkler - How We Used to Do It

Growing up in the early 60s, this clothes sprinkler played a big part in taking care of our clothing. We didn't own a dryer. "In our neck of the woods" back then, it was a luxury. The clothes were hung on the clothesline to dry. Afterwards everything was ironed. Wrinkles were rid of by sprinkling the clothes with tap water which is where the pop (or soda) bottle comes in. 

The sprinkler caps were made of either plastic (some of bakelite) or aluminum with cork. The procedure was sprinkle, iron, sprinkle, iron, sprinkle, iron. When you couldn't finish all the ironing in one day, you sprinkled the garment, rolled it into a ball shape, stuck it into a large plastic bag with the rest of the laundry and cleared a space in the refrigerator to stash the bag. This process gave you a few extra days to finish.

This old clothes sprinkler hasn't been used in over 40 years, but it brings back a lot of memories. I do still hang laundry on the clothesline though. Yes, I have a dryer, but living in Hawaii I like to take advantage of the tradewinds. Plus in the islands, we have some of the highest electrical rates in the nation. So stay tuned for a clothespin bag tutorial in a few days and get ready to save some real money on your utility bill. Here's a peek at the bags...

I won't have internet access for the next few days, so I'll post again Friday and catch up on my blogging then. Till then.....be well!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Love this bracelet from Joy Marie's Boutique!

I just saw these bracelets online at Joy Marie's Boutique and have to share the link with you. Here's a pic of my fav. The color and design is so right up my alley. In fact, I think I'm actually drooling. sigh...... Go take a peek at the jewelry this gifted lady has to offer.

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Novel Idea

For anyone who loves to read a good novel.....The Daring Novelist has come up with what I think is a novel idea. In her words......

"I decided that this month's promotion goal is to get 100 Twitter Followers. When I get to 100, I will tweet a free Smashwords coupon for each of my books. That's free excitement! Free adventure! Free revolutions, horses and even some kisses! And some dead people! (Even when I'm not writing mysteries, murders seem to happen.)"

I purchased, downloaded and read "The Wife of Freedom" and can attest this author has real talent. Try this 99 cent ebook...you'll like love it! Or simply follow and spread the word, you'll get your free samplings faster. It's a novel idea!

Frugal and Funky Doorstop

For a very small monetary investment and a few minutes of time, you can make a door stop out of an old bowling ball. Come on......you know you're dying to do this.

Keep the ball from rolling by sticking four self-adhesive felt furniture feet pads onto the bottom of the bowling ball.

Those who prefer live greenery can put plastic test tubes into the finger holes, add a little water and some philodendron cuttings. Now you've made a doorstop that is also a plant rooter. Have fun with this project!

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hokey Pokey Sign Featured - How lucky is that??!!!

I was so excited to see my Hokey Pokey sign as a sidebar feature on Funky Junk Interiors today. Thanks so much Donna for the recognition. Your thoughtfulness provided a very nice ending to my day here. Yeah!

Then I wake up Monday morning (living in Hawaii, I'm several hours behind those living on the continental U.S.) and find a nice little note from Stephanie Lynn at Under the Table and Dreaming that tells me my humble little Hokey Pokey sign is featured today on her blog. Thank you too Stephanie Lynn;  it's a great way to start my day. I feel very lucky! Yeah!

P.S. Edit....it's Friday morning, May 28 and I've been off island several days and without internet access. How thrilled I was to see that my humble hokey pokey sign was also featured on The Shabby Nest on the 26th. Another happy time for me. Thank you so very much; yeah!

Redoing Next.....

Redoing furniture isn't new to me, though blogging about it is. I have a little Before and After page where I have a few pics of some of the furniture I've redone. I wish I had pictures of every project I've done for the past eons, but who knew there would one day be a thing called blogging? LOL

This simple desk was my big $10 find today. Here's what it looked like when I unloaded it from my jeep. It's basically a blank canvas with a small drawer and a handy pull out shelf.  Since then it's already been sanded and cleaned and a little gluing and clamping done on the drawer. (In between laundry, weeding and mulching and other domestic doo doos...) My mind is considering what's next with this redo....  

P.S.  Wanted to say it's my goal to pick up a piece for $10 or under....but honestly, even $20 isn't too much over here though I'm usually pretty cheap. There are only so many places to go on an island, so all in all, I can't complain about my finds. There is inspiration everywhere, which makes each "new" piece an adventure of sorts. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Oh yeah, clockwise from left...Homer Laughlin creamer in mint condition was 75 cents, glass candle holder with prisms cost $1.25 and ribbed glass light cover for 25 cents. (These were my other purchases today.) Not a bad day in Paradise after all.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Best Frugal Time Management Tool !

Anyone who's interested in saving time for the people and things that are important in their lives should utilize one of the cheapest time management tools around - a simple kitchen timer. This average $3 investment pays for itself in the first 15 minutes of use. After all, YOUR time is valuable!

Let's say you have X amount of time today to finish your work so you can move on to the fun stuff....Start with the most important job on your TO DO list (assuming you have one and it's listed in priority order). Decide on a realistic time goal for either completing the job or taking a big chunk out of it. Set the timer and go for broke....once the buzzer goes off, drop what you're doing (well not literally if it's glass related or something like that) and take a short break (timed of course). Then back to the second most important job....and so on.

Some uses are:
  1. For decluttering anywhere, bring in some trash bags and a few boxes. Set the timer for 15 or 30 minutes. Start sorting where you stand. Sort like with like and fine tune later. Buzzer goes off, leave the area! Do it again tomorrow.
  2. Play a game with the kids.....who can pick up and put away their belongings before the timer goes off? Everybody gets a hug from mom.
  3. Manage your online time before it starts to take over in your real world. YIKES!
What could you use a timer for? Would love to hear and share your thoughts.

P.S. If you don't have ready access to a kitchen timer and you want to start now, CNET.com has links and reviews on free online timers to help keep you organized. I've never tried of these free timer downloads, but fellow writers swear by them.

P.P.S.S. Moms with young napping children may want to buzzer-proof the kids first so they grow accustomed to the noise or ban the buzzer during nap time. Just a thought.....

My First Blog Button!

I wanted to pass on this mahalo (thank you!) to the creator of Mommy Bits, who has a great tutorial on how to make your own FREE blog button. By the way, a big thanks also to Sam at Mom Undecided for passing on this info. (Thanks Sam!)
Oh......here's my first button. I'm betting that practice will make "almost perfect".


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Custom Lamp Shade On the Cheap

I found this four sided lamp shade at my favorite thrift shop last year and knew immediately what to do with it. This is really too simple for a tutorial, so I'll just post up a few pics. To complete this project I needed the lamp shade, a black permanent marker, craft paint brush, black acrylic craft paint and lyrics from a favorite song.

On two sides of the plain lamp shade, outline the stylized leopard spots freehand with the permanent marker. Fill in with the black paint.

Using your best freestyle script and the marker, write the song lyrics on the remaining two sides. In this case I chose the song, "Imagine", by John Lennon.

The lamp shade side that shows daily depends on my mood or the current style of the room. My thrift shop lamp shade is now a custom lamp shade with personality! (Maybe a split personality?) Hmmmmmmmm :)

This post is linked to: Strut Your Stuff Thursday at Somewhat Simple and 100 Ideas Under $100 at Beyond the Picket Fence; join the party!

Update: 5/28/10...... this humble lamp shade redo was featured by Becky at Beyond the Picket Fence! Thank you Becky!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cheap Candle Holders

The auto junk yard is the place to get old salvaged car parts to make cheap candle holders. You'll find rusted pieces like the gears pictured below (I think one is a clutch plate?) are often free for the taking.

Immerse the gears in a bucket of cold water. Use fine steel wool to remove loose rust and debris. I stop sanding when the surface feels "clean and smooth" to my bare hand. Rinse pieces well and let dry in a sunny spot for several hours. Spray with a clear coating of satin polycrylic on all sides; let dry well.

Glue a round felt circle on any parts on the back which could possibly scratch a surface. In this case, I only had to cover a couple of sections. These may be cheap candle holders, but they're pretty much guaranteed to be one of a kind. Enjoy! 

Got something you'd like to show? Go to Get Your Craft On Tuesday at Today's Creative Blog and Trash to Treasure Tuesday at Reinvented!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Oriental Embroidery Find - Fabulous!

As frugal as I am, today I willingly spent $15 at the thrift shop on this framed oreintal embroidery - It's unheard of for me to do that, but yes, today I splurged. Just look at it! It's vintage silk that is 42" tall x 15 1/4" wide (with wood frame). This embroidered silk piece from Japan is an oldie but the hand detail is amazing; I'm in love! Now, after I tidy it up, where to put it in my tiny home? Hmmmmmmmm

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Autographed Roller Window Shades

My first time participating in Motivate Me Monday at Keeping It Simple so I chose this simple one-pic tutorial project. Simply hang the shade up, give your teen a few permanent markers and let the signing begin. It's a great memory keeper. I made this window treatment for my daughter eons ago when she was a teen. These autographed roller window shades are inexpensive, quick and easy to do. Have fun!

Traveling? On Vacay? Find Charity and Thrift Shops Wherever You Are...

I found this retro mint condition drum lamp shade for $1 at my favorite thrift shop. Always looking for that hidden treasure, especially when I travel to the mainland. You don't have to be a native of any area to find great places to thrift shop. There's a great little search engine at TheThriftShopper.com. Simply put in the name of the town and state OR zip code and it'll tell you where to go. How easy is that?

P.S. If you know of a charity or thrift shop that's not in the directory, why not pass along the info to the website so everyone can benefit? Good karma will thank you! 
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