Love this bracelet from Joy Marie's Boutique!

I just saw these bracelets online at Joy Marie's Boutique and have to share the link with you. Here's a pic of my fav. The color and design is so right up my alley. In fact, I think I'm actually drooling. sigh...... Go take a peek at the jewelry this gifted lady has to offer.


  1. I like the Blessed Mother collection - I love chunky jewelry! And, the colors are so bold. Oh...and the Valentine charm bracelet!

    I was looking at your sign totaorial (sp?)and was wonderinf if you had sone any kind of undercoat to that board? It kind of looked like it had a yellow tint under the red - or is that just the board? I'm going to make one for my grandma that says

    The Thompsons
    Est. 1958

    (The year my grandparents were married). I just love that sign SOOOO much.

    Okay...I HAVE to get off the computer of Chris will kill me. I'm suppose to be helping pack - but some how everytime I come downstairs to get something...I end up on the computer, again.

    Have a great week!


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