This shim chic (say it fast three times) wall art is fast, easy and cheap to make. It was produced during a desperate brainstorming session when all I had to work with was some leftover shims. Who knew? Try it; you'll like it!

What do you do with leftover shims? You make wall decor of course! Grab some shims and a hot glue gun and get started....

Lay the shims down head to toe, with sides touching. Stagger the ends for an interesting effect. Angle three of the shims on the back and hot glue into place, pressing firmly. You can use 200 grit sandpaper to hand sand any rough edges on the shims.

Turn over the piece and apply two to three coats of water base polycrylic on the front, allowing the shims to dry well between coats. (Don't you love the way the poly coat brings out the varied wood tones?) Use the hot glue gun to attach silk flowers to the front of the shim wall art. Because this unique decor is so lightweight, a self-adhesive hanger applied to the back is all that's needed to hang securely on the wall. 
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  1. love this idea! I can think of some other good uses for shims too, thanks for sharing and for your inspiration!

    -Ann Marie

  2. I love this idea. It is cute, creative, and can be done with things I already have around the house!

    I found you on Blogfrog! Great site.

  3. Oh that is cute. I that would look great in my mom's rusticly decorated home!

  4. That looks great! Fantastic idea and yes, love the way the wood grain is brought out.

  5. Such a clever and creative girl. My heart is going pitty pat.

  6. I love this idea. Very striking w/ the red too. Thanks for visiting Webster's Updates and leaving such a nice comment. I've decided to follow you :)

  7. Thank you for telling me about this...I LOVE it! Thanks for your sweet words too...I am a new follower here and I will be back to read more (I am on vacation right now!)

  8. I am so excited to be following a celebrity. I love this idea and will definitely bookmark and try it out myself sometime. Congratulations. I tell you -- HGTV ought to hang out in blogland, we have them so beat!!! You're a star!!!!!!!!


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