Frugal and Funky Doorstop

For a very small monetary investment and a few minutes of time, you can make a door stop out of an old bowling ball. Come know you're dying to do this.

Keep the ball from rolling by sticking four self-adhesive felt furniture feet pads onto the bottom of the bowling ball.

Those who prefer live greenery can put plastic test tubes into the finger holes, add a little water and some philodendron cuttings. Now you've made a doorstop that is also a plant rooter. Have fun with this project!

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  1. Hi, Pam! So glad you stopped by last week! That Hokey Pokey sign is killer! :) I would have LOVED to have that sign when I was an elementary music teacher! lol

  2. Absolutely brilliant - totally creative - too bad I already have plans for my bowling ball!!

  3. This totally made me laugh, it is so cute and clever! I usually make garden decor balls out of stray bowling balls, so now I will look at them differently. Love the flowers!

  4. This one bowled me over. Love it! I had a bowling ball at a job once. Someone found it in out in a field (an engineering company) and gave it to me. I left it there. Darn!

  5. My grandmother (who still bowls at 98) would find this an abomination but I say it's thinking way outside the box !

  6. hahaha -- I love this creation and I love the comments too! There was a home in the neighborhood where I grew up and there were two boys and the parents -- all big into bowling. I think they may have even worked at a bowling alley or something. Well -- instead of using bricks or stones or pavers, they actually used all different colors of bowling balls to go around the landscape perimeters of their entire house. The balls were blue and red, orange, green, black, silver, gold -- I LOVED IT!!! I don't think some of the neighbors agreed with me. As I started decorating my own home, I actually loved it even more -- They were displaying their own personal style in their decor and landscaping. Fabulous. So I LOVE THIS BOWLING BALL. It also has a rather "retro" feel to it, doesn' it? Groovy!


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