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to tell you about a heck of a deal on this ebook of craft tutorials. This fun and easy plant trellis is just one of the 50 ideas/tips/projects in my and my friend Shirley's eBook. Don't let the cover fool you...90% of the information inside can be utilized all year long with the most costly project around $15. It's guaranteed to inspire you. This eBook is a real steal at $3 - yep, that's 6 cents per original project and you can find it here.  P.S. If you like what you read, please spread the word. Mahalo! (Thank you!) Pam and Shirley


  1. This is really neat looking! I like the blog, too!

  2. Just started following your blog - like the look of the craft here - this ebook may very well be worth those 3 dollars! HA!!


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