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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wild Olive Stitch Swap - My First!

I'm so happy! Today was the final day for mailing out your completed embroidery work in the infamous stitch swap at Wild Olive.

It worked like this......You signed up to participate at Wild Olive. (There were around 270 people signed up this year.) Mollie at Wild Olive (a VERY talented lady) then gave each of the participants another person's address along with a few tidbits about their likes (if they filled out the info) so we could embroider something for them and "frame" the finished work in a 4" embroidery hoop.

The most enjoyable part about this swap is anxiously awaiting for your swap in the mail. We're told who our finished embroidery piece will go to, but we don't know where the one being sewn for us is coming from. See? Fun, huh?

Here's the completed embroidery piece I sent out priority in this morning's mail.

I hope my secret swap recipient likes it. I'll be sure to post a picture when I receive my swap in the mail. This was such a fun project, I will definitely be signing up for the next exchange. Thank you Mollie for hosting this swap. :)
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mid Century Drip Glaze Pottery Lamps!

I found this gorgeous pair of mid century pottery lamps this weekend. They are 20 1/2" tall from the bottom base to the top of the teak wood feature on the neck. The colors are lovely.....a blue and green drip glaze. I think I'll end up listing these on Craigslist because as much as I love them, our home is getting a little crowded.
This lamp pairing would also be great for my Etsy shop, but unfortunately often the shipping charges on larger items from my home in Hawaii are ghastly. :(  I suppose that's the price we pay to live in Paradise, so I'll stop complaining. I hope your weekend was wonderful and you found treasures of your own. Isn't it fun? :) Aloha!
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Etsy Shop and The Pajama Eaters

I did it! I finally opened an Etsy shop. Hope to share some great vintage finds and also sell made to order Pajama Eaters. Yep, I did it.....I purchased the cottage industry license for the rights to sell these adorable pajama bags. (For those of you folks who sew, you can purchase the pattern and the cottage industry rights from Jodi at Sew Fearless.)

I sold on Ebay off and on for nearly 500 sales with 100% positive feedback under the name veryirie, but it's been a while since I was active on Ebay. I find the people at Etsy, the sellers, the customers.....it's just a whole bunch of good people and FUN! :)

Please give my Etsy shop, HIPam, a look see. Appreciate your visit as I evolve in this new for me venture.

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