Mid Century Drip Glaze Pottery Lamps!

I found this gorgeous pair of mid century pottery lamps this weekend. They are 20 1/2" tall from the bottom base to the top of the teak wood feature on the neck. The colors are lovely.....a blue and green drip glaze. I think I'll end up listing these on Craigslist because as much as I love them, our home is getting a little crowded.
This lamp pairing would also be great for my Etsy shop, but unfortunately often the shipping charges on larger items from my home in Hawaii are ghastly. :(  I suppose that's the price we pay to live in Paradise, so I'll stop complaining. I hope your weekend was wonderful and you found treasures of your own. Isn't it fun? :) Aloha!
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  1. Those lamps are beautiful, Pam. I agree, it's hard to ship things from the mainland too. Too darned expensive. I will have to remember Craigslist for reselling.


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