Crocheted Rugs - What's Out There Wednesday!

Crocheted rugs in a home help keep it warm, comfortable, colorful and welcoming. If you haven't learned to crochet or if it's been a while since you did, here's what's out there waiting for you.....

Crocheted rugs today aren't quite like the ones Grandma used to make. You can purchase this phenomenal crochet rug from Paola Lenti here.

Find free directions to make this colorful crocheted rug here at just by registering at their site.

Order the pattern for this giant doily-inspired crocheted rug here.

Make simple crocheted rugs with strips of recycled fabric instead of yarn. You'll need a giant crochet hook (size Q) to make fast work of this crocheted rug. Free How-to here.
P.S. Brush up on basic crochet techniques via free videos here at


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