Frosted Glass Look - DIY

If you like the look of frosted glass for your window, but your tight budget has no wiggle room for several rolls of store bought decorative window film, see the DIY method of frosted glass windows used by my daughter, Riki, to cover one rooftop window. Now the natural light filters through, but the "frosted glass" covering obscures an unwanted view.  

To achieve the look of frosted glass, you'll need:
  • tissue paper in white or cream
  • water base polycrylic (satin finish)
  • scissors
  • foam paint brush
Clean inside window very well. (Clean both sides of the window if you have access to the outside.) Cut the tissue paper into squares. Brush a small section of the inside window with polycrylic. Apply tissue squares, overlapping slightly. Brush again over the adhered squares. Continue this process until window is covered. Apply one final coat of the polycrylic and let dry well. Your frosted glass window is done in about 30 minutes!
P.S. Window can be cleaned when needed with a lightly dampened cloth. To remove covering (if you're renting for instance), use a metal scraper held at an angle AFTER dousing window with warm, soapy water.
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  1. Love this! I remember seeing something like this before and thinking "I bet that would be a hot mess to get off the window." Thanks so much for the tips on removal - I will be trying this for sure!!

  2. Hi Pam!

    I loved your project. It was very creative and well done. I've chosen it as one of my bookmarks for this week. If you would like to stop by and see your feature, as well as grab a button, you will find the post here:

  3. What an excellent idea and it looks gorgeous! I love the way it filters the light, kind of like a rice paper screen. And it's removeable! Genius! You know, this might look cool on a mirror to hang as an art would get the texture and still see movement in the glass. Maybe with colored tissue, even? Hmmmm.


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