Vintage Linoleum Wall Art

Once a month I fly to Maui to work with an elderly relative on my husband's old family homestead. There we are salvaging bits of his family history from the ancestral home which is in a horrible state of disrepair. I'm amazed at the "treasures" we've found and I've decided to share a few now and then on my blog.

This is a piece of vintage linoleum found on the floor of one of the bedrooms. In bad shape, it still cut easily with my utility knife. It's very worn and the colors are muted, but as they say, "if only it could talk."

I brought it home to Oahu and happy to hear my mother in law state this linoleum was in all probability a small rug purchased by my FIL (now deceased) for his own mother back in the very early 40s. (The Hawaiian islands in the 40s......more posts to come.)

My father in law  worked during his high school years as a door to door salesman for a dry goods store. Linoleum was a popular item with the housewives on his door to door route. ..... So, vintage linoleum as wall art? You bet!!!!!! :)

P.S. I've shown several other DIY wall art ideas here on my Squidoo lens, Wall Art - DIY and On the Cheap. Linking this post to Craft Gossip's Linky Party; join us!


  1. How wonderful to hear more about the history of this great piece of salvaged art. You rock, Pam! I bet you could frame more scraps of this great linoleum and sell them on Etsy. Even small pieces...


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