Don't let the cover fool ya....Yes, of course there are 50 Projects and tips in this 68 page eBook, but 90% of the project ideas can be gifted all year round and not just for the holidays. I should know because half of the step by step projects contained in this ebook were created by moi and the other half belong to my fellow eHower and sister in spirit, Shirley. At $3, that's only 6 cents an idea. Here's a sampling of the projects inside....At the very least, we guarantee you'll be inspired. P.S. The eBook is priced so low because, well, it's an eBook and we want it to be affordable for every budget. (Some people mistakenly think you have to be a member of LULU to purchase the book. NOT true. You have to sign up only if you want to leave a comment. Otherwise, it's an easy checkout and download process!) Enjoy!


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