Busy Board - Here's to Homemade Gifts!

I wanted to share the busy board my husband made for our grandson's first birthday. After showing my husband several versions online, he set out to design a busy board that could be disassembled for transport to the mainland on the plane. (It was the only way we could figure out how to get this large and heavy gift shipped from Hawaii affordably; we took it with us.) 

From the airlines website, we found the maximum dimensions and weight allowed for check in cargo baggage. Then a trip to WalMart produced an "underbed storage" container that my husband thought would work well.

Basing the size of the busy board on the size of the container, my husband began to draw out a plan. He used plain pine wood to construct this busy board. Basically the body is comprised of two separate boards. Eric made simple "feet" to keep it sturdy and the body sits snugly in these. The boards are held together with two vertical slim wood pieces near the sides. Everything was sanded well, the wood edges were routed to keep it soft and he finished the wood with several coats of polycrylic (WATER based).

Eric picked up several different types of locking hardware, some light switches, etc. (The lights he wired up to batteries and siliconed them inside for safety. They can easily be taken apart by an adult for replacing when needed.)  He found several leftover hardware pieces in our junk drawer which also worked nicely.

He built it. And then disassembled it to pack up in the box for the ride on the plane. After we got to our son's house, it was time to put it back together......

Our grandson loved it! Eric was determined to make it safe. Behind both of the "doors" on the busy board he mounted the door stops VERTICALLY instead of protruding outwards as they normally do. These door stops still make the satisfying noises that little ones love.

Here's a closeup:

We were so happy with the way this turned out. Have you made a busy board yet? If DIY isn't your thing, you can always buy one online.

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