Easy to Crochet Wine Cork Catnip Toys

I made a similar version of these wine cork toys for cats a while back. The original article was published on a website which no longer exists, so I'm republishing the directions for this DIY cat toy along with several new photos.

These make up very quickly. I encourage you to make a bunch for your own kitties or as gifts, but PLEASE don't forget to donate to your local animal rescue group or shelter. Playing with toys can help them relax and may bring out a cat's personality which may in turn help them get adopted quicker. So, please get out your hooks and crochet away. :)

(And if you don't crochet......go to the end of this post for a link to my Etsy shop.) 

Wine Corks
Double Fold Bias Tape
Cotton Twine
Size 2 (3 mm) crochet hook

Terms  (U.S.)
CH = chain
SC = single crochet
DC = double crochet
SL ST = slip stitch
SK = skip

ROW 1:   CH 5.  Join with SL ST into top of beginning chain 5 to make a circle.

ROW 2:   CH 1.  DC 10x into center of ring.  SL ST into top of beginning DC in Row 2.

ROW 3:  CH 1.  DC in first DC, 2DC in next DC. Repeat all the way around. SL ST into top of beginning DC in Row 3.

ROW 4:  CH 1. DC in each stitch around. SL ST into top of beginning DC in Row 4.

ROW 5:  CH 2. DC in same stitch as beginning DC. Then CH 1. SK next DC, DC in next DC, CH 1, SK next DC…Repeat all the way around. SL ST into top of beginning DC in Row 5.

 ROWS 6, 7 and 8. Repeat Row 5.

Slip cork inside the crocheted casing. Piece should align with the top end of cork. Stretch a little if necessary.
ROW 9.  DC into each DC space of previous row. Repeat all the way around. SL ST into top of beginning DC in Row 9.

ROW 10:   SC every other DC space of previous row (in other words SK every other space). This will close the top end of the cork. Final stitch will be a SL ST placed in stitch of choice on top. Pull tightly to cinch together. Fasten off. Weave in loose ends.

To Make Catnip Ties: 

1. Cut a 7” length of double fold bias tape

2. Open tape to expose center and fill center middle.

3. As shown above, lightly fill catnip in center of tape. (I eyeball it and try to pour a line of catnip maybe two inches long.)

4. Enfold catnip in the bias tape. Lay wine cork on center part of tape.

5. Tie bias tape in a double knot to secure. 
Just wanted to add it is so much easier to crochet the casing and then slip the wine cork inside after ROW 8. I'm kind of embarrassed to say when I first started making these, I had a heck of a time crocheting AROUND the cork. haha (I must have completed probably five of these before I figured out how ridiculous that was). ooooops  :)

Lastly, if you like a variety of bias tape, you can make your own like I did. It's easy and affordable with these bias tape maker kits. I love mine!

And for those folks who don't crochet and may like a set of 3, I have some ready made and listed on Etsy too. Here's the link.
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