Family Keepsakes Folk Art

My grandmother's old serving spoon is tarnished and thin in places, but it has a lot of sentimental value. Rather than leaving it in a drawer, I'm putting it on display in my kitchen. This family keepsakes folk art reminds me of my Grandma every time I look at it. Here's how I made it....

Lay canvas diagonally on the wrong side of fabric. Cut around the canvas allowing at least a 4" border. Spray front of canvas lightly with adhesive.

After 15 seconds (when canvas is tacky to touch) wrap the fabric tightly around the canvas and secure with duct tape on back.

Hot glue spoon to front of fabric-wrapped canvas.

Apply water base primer to frame. Once dry, coat with paint color to match fabric. My choice was easy as red is my favorite.

Inset canvas into back of frame and secure with some ever-handy and versatile duct tape. Cut brown paper to size and use standard white glue to secure paper to edges. Apply picture hanging wire to back of frame.


A good tip is to print out a short description of what this keepsake represents to you and how it came to be in the family, tear edges of this paper and glue to back. Actually if my Grandmother could see her old bean spoon done up like this, I'm sure she'd have a good laugh over it. I just think it's priceless!

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  1. This is such a charming craft idea, and a thoughtful keepsake!

  2. That is such a great idea! I just came across my kids' baby spoons yesterday! Now I know what to do with them. Thank you

  3. I sure do love this idea Pam! We need to have our family keepsakes out in the open where we can see and enjoy them. Great tip about including a little note about the item too. Great project!
    Happy REDnesday!

  4. Pam, what a priceless piece of art. Great idea! Where in Hawaii do you live? I have a friend on Maui.

  5. Sue - Thanks for hosting the rednesday party; it's fabulous! We live close to the north shore on Oahu, but have family on Maui so we go there once a month or so. Thanks for visiting my blog. Pam

  6. What a wonderful idea! I wish I had more wall in my kitchen. I would do this in a minute! But I could do some other items down my hall...thanks for the tutorial! :)


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