Social Networking Sites and Me

Regarding social networking sites, I guess you could say I'm "Old School". Wait, make that "No School" cause I don't know what the heck I'm doing.
I got a Facebook account because I was told it would help increase views to my writings on eHow, give my presence some prominence on the internet and now I'm friends of friends of friends with people that maybe I don't want to be friendly with every day. No offense to those friends, of course.
But, here's the deal....whenever you sign in there is this Wall containing literally everything you probably don't need to or even want to know about people's everyday lives. What's worse, they probably don't need or even want to know your intimate crap either; frankly, it's boring!
There are so many colors and fonts and also, what the heck is that role playing game stuff, Mafia Wars and Yoyoville, or Hootersville or some kind of villa? Then my SIL sends me a "relative request" when I'm already her SIL for like 30 years? What's the deal????
I've decided FB doesn't need an old grumpy introvert like me, so I'm closing my account. And honestly, the 6 days wasn't really all that fun while it lasted.
Whew! Feels good to get that off my chest and thanks to my 16 subscribers for listening.


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