Getting Ready for College?

If you know anyone getting ready for college, and short on money to make their home- away-from-home environment comfortable and maybe a little funky, send them here. Lots of ideas for Getting Ready for College.

This lens is for people who want to do something different from the norm; the pictures alone are sure to inspire anyone to create their own unique living space. It is a fun Squidoo lens created by a young friend of mine, Tara Swadley. She compiled quite a few of my eHow articles into this easy-to-follow format. Check it out here to see Tara's page, Getting Ready for College.

Maybe you can't paint your walls, but you can create some great wall art like the picture shown here. Create a portrait of yourself billboard style for starters. Learn how by visiting Tara's page.

And, please don't forget to rate her page if you enjoyed her lens. She's a hard working college gal herself and every rating counts! Thanks peoples!


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