The Helmet Is Your Friend

We spent a week in Sunriver, Oregon in January with our two children and their spouses. What a fun, unforgettable trip it was. Everybody was doing their snowboarding thing, but my daughter, Riki, and I decided to try our hand at skiing.
We ended up taking a lesson. Riki was a champ. Me? Well, let's just say the helmet was so worth the $10 daily rental. Saved my noggin several times, though Riki says there really weren't flames coming out of my back that time I went out of control flying down the slope cause I forgot how to stop.
Wanted to say that Mt Bachelor and all the people of Oregon that we met on the drive from Portland to Sunriver and during our stay....the people of Oregon were amongst the friendliest and most helpful people I have met. Thanks for a wonderful time in your beautiful state.


  1. Well, you may have fallen down a bit but at least you look cute in your winter clothes! I'm a native Oregonian and I agree, besides being a beautiful place to live, the people in Oregon are great.


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