Memory Ornaments

   I made and gifted several memory ornaments to family members at Christmas. (the one above belongs to my daughter, Riki) The fabric encased in the small 3" wooden hoop is actually a small piece of a favorite sweater worn long ago by my husband's late paternal grandmother.
   The retro pin is just old Christmas pin I found and pinned to the sweater remnant. They compliment each other perfectly, don't you think?
   Each month I spend a day on Maui sorting through pieces of the family history. This memory ornament is very special because it serves as a reminder of a loved one who is basically responsible for my family being my family
   After all, if this tiny woman (well under 5 ft tall) hadn't had the gumption and courage to travel by boat from Japan to Maui and to marry her Japanese plantation worker beau, my father in law would have never been born, therefore my husband wouldn't be here either. Instead, it all happened just like that.
   Over thirty years ago, I met and married this courageous woman's grandson. We are proud and blessed to have had two healthy, happy, giving souls, our son and daughter.
   Our "kids" are grown now and building the foundations for their own families. We owe everything to this magnificent woman. Merry Christmas to you, dear Taki!  
   Make some memories and please have a safe and wonderful New Year.  Blessings and Aloha for 2012!


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