Outdoor Tablecloth - Easy to Make

This easy to make outdoor tablecloth is made of oilcloth. I made it reversible, so both sides are easy to wipe clean. On those nights when company is coming and you're feeling rushed, just flip the tablecloth over to freshen the look. (No one will know but you.) ;)

Here is the style of folding cutting board guide I use when sewing large projects. It's very affordable and makes quick work of layout and cutting.

This cutting board is a generous 3 ft x 5 ft and folds up quite flat when not in use to save storage space. I consider a cutting board an essential part of any of my sewing projects and would feel lost without it.

Cut two same size circles from oilcloth.

Pin wrong sides together. Bind edges with doublefold bias tape.

This outdoor tablecloth is reversible!
With the variety of patterns available in oilcloth today, you can make a reversible outdoor tablecloth for many different looks. They are easy to make and easy to wipe clean. Create an affordable table cover for your outdoor area or to take along on your next picnic. Have a wonderful weekend!



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