Not Enough Paint?

Have you ever been in the middle of a diy project and discovered there was not enough paint to finish a job? Well, that's what happened to me recently, or actually I thought that was what happened to me. I wanted to paint a rattan footstool a particular shade of green and since I already had green spray paint at home in a color I REALLY liked, I began the paint job.

Once I had finished all the outside of the footstool, I ran out of paint. (Remember, it was a USED can I already had at home.) What to do?

I was stumped. Sometimes my mind just does that to me. My husband walks over and says, "I know you have another shade of green paint in the tool shed. Why don't you just use that to paint the inside portion of the footstool? No one will see that anyway cause it will be covered up with the cushion." And then he walked away. Simple solution, right? But I doubt I would have figured it out. Yep, sad I know, but true. lol

It was definitely a classic DUH moment for me. So if there comes a time when you think there is not enough paint, maybe you should think again? OR take a better look around the tool shed before you begin painting. :)
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