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How did a born and bred Missouri gal end up in the Hawaiian Islands? Well, hubby and I met while we were both stationed in Alabama on active duty in the Air Force. Married at the Justice of the Peace on a payday with a $1 junk spoon ring my sweetie made for me. (We could only afford one.) lol  Received orders for Hickam AFB in Hawaii in 78 (Hawaii just happens to be my hubby's home state - most of his family still lives here in the Hawaiian Islands.) We both left the Air Force in the early 80s after six years of service each....and so we will fast track almost 32 years later.....

We have two wonderful grown up and married "kids", a son and a daughter. Our son settled in Missouri with a lovely wife and a great job. Our daughter is married to a super guy in the Coast Guard and they will soon be on their way from where they are currently stationed on the island of St Thomas in the Virgin Islands (yep, Coast Guard is there as it's a U.S. territory) to the coast of Oregon.

Now we're empty nesters with a somewhat spoiled, though super sweet shelter-rescue dog, Lana. We do consider ourselves lucky to live here in Hawaii. The weather is comfortable all year round and we are fortunate to have a yard with banana trees, papaya trees, coconut trees and a small "pallet" container garden with tomatoes, japanese cucumber, green onions and this year I'm trying out some bell pepper plants. Plus my little tipsy planter herb garden for the hubs.....(he could have been a chef).

You may be envious where I live, but how many of you would be willing to trade your I'm-betting-much-bigger-than-mine house for our 640 square foot single-family and single-wall built in the 60s home in Paradise? Yep, you read that right. lol  Kids are gone, so downsize the house but upsize the yard was what we did. Hubby threatens to do a small extension, but that can wait. First we need to put up a new roof before this one blows off in the next hurricane. yikes!

Organizing is a passion (and a must!) for me and I gotta say I'm pretty darn good at it. I also have my own power tools and have worked a lot of side jobs right alongside my husband. He's a full time high-voltage electrician and I'm lucky to be able to stay home after a lotta working years and "hold down the fort" as we used to say in Missouri.

Making something fun and functional for very little money thrills the heck out of me and my likes and "crafts" are all over the place and often random. I think it would be fun to visit PeeWee Herman's Playhouse and sit in the chair that hugs you. Writing about and sharing my projects is how I love to spend my time. I have published 301 articles on eHow.com under the user name veryirie while the WCP was still in effect and I do a little writing for Demand Studios on the side using a pen name.

This blog allows me to share and learn with kindred spirits from all over the world. It's a pleasure to meet you. Drop in and let me know you were here.

This picture is me and should be entitled either "How to Remove a Stuck Cork on New Years" (not for the faint of heart) or "Breaking in My New DeWalt Power Drill." lol

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  1. loved reading about your life!~sounds amazing! and kudos to publishing all those articles! that's so awesome! i look forward to reading more!!!! xo


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