Everyone has their own version, but this is the teriyaki marinade made by my husband's family. You'll find the complete recipe and instructions here...How to Make Island Style (Maui) Homemade Teriyaki Sauce Marinade.

Go Home, Cook Rice is a popular saying here in Hawaii, though usually it's the man who says it to the woman or the brother speaking to the sister. My husband said when he was a teen growing up in the islands, his friends would yell this to their sisters and the girls would actually go home to cook the rice. (I'm sure the girls gave their brothers a good "stink eye" before leaving to go cook though.) Of course, these days nobody pays attention to a guy who whines about his rice. He needs to learn to cook it himself. lol


  1. Oh these all look wonderful......we also have a cooking flock named Mama Can Cook! Please link these up for the chix to see! I am leaving here so very hungry!


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