Retro Mirror

Ohhh! I recently saw this retro mirror on Ebay. Unfortunately, the shipping costs to Hawaii from the UK made it unaffordable for me to even think about bidding on it. Sigh.... However, while browsing thru the IKEA website the other day under the NEW items, I found this ULSBERG mirror for $19.99! It's not a true retro mirror, but the lines are there. So, I thought.....

"Great, but IKEA doesn't ship to Hawaii....Dang it!" Problem solved!!! It just so happens my daughter lives near Portland now and I've got my tickets already bought for a visit next month. Can you guess what I'm going to be toting home? Now this is a retro mirror I can certainly afford!  


  1. I love these the top one reminds me of something from Tim Burton movies!

  2. That is a cool looking mirror. If you ever make to Carrollton, GA you will have to stop by this vintage shop called Feathers and Twigs. They have a serious amount of retro wares from the 50-'s and 60's.

  3. It definitely has that retro feel! You timed your visit perfectly!

  4. you will have the coolest carryon on that plane, for sure. what a great find! i heart ikea.

  5. I hope you get your mirror! I SO wish we lived near an IKEA - when we were living in Germany they were everywhere. I have one of their floor mirrors and it also looks vintage - very fun!


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