Slow Page Loading Time?

How fast is your page loading time? The "experts" say your page loading time should be 8 - 10 seconds or less. Huh?! Otherwise, you may lose a potential visitor and all that time you've spent tweaking and adding on extra widgets just went down the drain? 

I cringed when I read it, but I have to admit I'm guilty of leaving a few blogs because the page took too long to load. And when I tested my page loading time on my own blog, I flunked too. YIKES! I've removed and renewed a few things, so I'm close enough for now. But it's something I plan to monitor weekly from now on.

I appreciate so much the willingness of fellow bloggers to pass on helpful tips, and I wanted to return the favor. If you think you may be experiencing a slow page load, Google has some great tips here on speeding up your page loading time. Put it to the test, free here at Stopwatch. (Just put in the URL of your blog page on the line. Watch the small box at the top of your blog and you'll have your answer in a few.) fast is your page loading time?


  1. Mine was slower than I thought. 14.67! But it was my links along the side that weren't up yet. So I figure if someone came to read my blog, they can read my text almost immediately. I am not going to worry about the speed of the links because they come from other servers/sites.

  2. I'll have to check my time! Now I'm curious. Thanks for following me in ff! I'm returning the follow.

  3. I will also leave a blog (or any website) that takes too long to load.....mine loads in 3.81 seconds. Yours loaded in 8.84 seconds (yes...I used my own stopwatch).

    Great tip!


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