Wallpaper Decor - Isn't It Wonderful?

Better Homes and Gardens uses wood plaques decoupaged with small bits of wallpaper to make this striking wall display. 

Look at this featured wall made from overlapping an odd roll with scraps from a wallpaper book.

Isn't the paint and wallpaper on this revamped little chest perfectly paired? Here's how it was done.

A short while ago, I purchased several rolls of scrubbable and paintable wallpaper at a hugely discounted price from the local Home Improvement store. I've already used a bit of the grasscloth textured roll in my home, but the roll on the right I'm saving for future projects. I think it's amazing how wallpaper decor can make such a big impact for so little cost. What wallpaper decor do you have at home?


  1. Oh yes, I really like these wallpaper ideas. Especially on the chest, look how cute!
    My walls came pre-papered and painted since I'm renting. Don't really like the walls, it's all lumpy style. :D

  2. I love wallpaper decor, so easy and cheap to spruce up furniture. I hope to uncover some mid century modern furniture to spruce up a "coffee table" (ur, former tv-stand with wheels) at the house.

  3. I love the drawer fronts! I have a chest that needs a makeover. This may be just the answer I was looking for.

  4. Love the 'featured wall'! M-M-M...got an idea. Thanks!

  5. Something tells me that you watch a lot of HGTV...

  6. Very inspiring. The chest is especially nice. I love all your great ideas for making a house a home.


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