Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas, Decorating & Tips - All Under $15

This is the special project I was telling you about last week....

This 68 page eBook is packed with fresh ideas for anyone who loves Christmas, making gifts, decorating their home and saving money. Co-authored by my fellow eHower, Shirley Philbrick and myself, (Shirley hails from Maine and I reside in Hawaii) representing the furthest U.S. states East and West.

We have never met but our styles are complimentary. What developed resulted in Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas, Decorating & Tips - All Under $15. The reason behind this eBook....well, we share an "off-the-beaten-path" outlook towards life and live it with a certain style that is often eclectic by making use of unusual and recycled materials or those found in nature. An eBook seemed a natural progression for our mutual interests.

How the eBook came to be is yet another story. Shirley's daughter, a young college student, sustained a devastating leg injury in an automobile accident in September 2009 which brought the ebook production to a temporary halt. Inspired by Shirley's daughter's courage in pushing forward with her life and facing her fears head on, we fast forward four weeks later to a finished product. It is with hope this book will prove as inspirational to you as a young woman's courage is to us. Please note: 100% of the proceeds from this e-book go towards ongoing medical expenses for Shirley's daughter. For more info, check out Shirley's blog.


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