The Scary Broom Trick - SPOOKY!

My brother, Steve, trying to distract me yesterday on the 13th shared this broom trick with me...All you need are a broom and a level floor. Now, stand the broom on its bristles and walk away. Sometimes it may take you a few seconds to get the hang of it, but it's working when you feel the goosebumps starting. Freaky, spooky, however you call it, it provided entertainment last night for a bunch of my eHow buddies.

I used a regular old straw broom, but others used angled bristle brooms and they were standing just as proud. My broom stood for 3 hours and 53 minutes last night and didn't budge. Others have reported their brooms are still standing today (mine went right up this morning too)which knocks out the theory that it only works on the 13th. Try it!


  1. I find this so very entertaining that THAT is scary in, and of, itself ! :-)


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