Cat House Quilts for the Cat Lady!

I recently finished seven more cat house quilts and dropped them off to the Cat Lady at our local animal shelter, the Hawaiian Humane Society. Yes, it's a fact that wintertime can get a bit chilly in certain parts of the Hawaiian islands, so these cat house quilts do help to keep the kitties warm.
On Oahu, the Humane Society is located in the Manoa area. The cats are housed outdoors in the large cat house which provides protection from the winter rain. Each of the cat house quilts measure 24" x 24" and cover the bare metal bottom of the individual cat cages. To keep the quilts "cushy", I use older quilted mattress pads that I purchase inexpensively at the thrift shop as the batting. Here's my tutorial to make a pet comforter for any pet, cat or dog.
These cat house quilts are super simple to make and easy too. Why not check with your local Humane Society or Animal Shelter to see what they might be able to use. :) Even if it's just a donation of old clean towels, it all helps!


  1. This is adorable. Love the article, Pam. You're a Purr-fect friend to those cold kitties!


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