Coat of Many Colors Upcycled!

Found this coat of many colors for the bargain price of $2.50 (1/2 off day). It's now been upcycled to cover a well worn footstool. Scissors, a staple gun and 15 minutes of time produced this coat of many colors footstool. I do love my colors! :)

I'm currently using wool scraps from the coat of many colors to make a few bright Christmas ornaments and perhaps fashion a garland of some sort. Still in the prototype stages. :) Will post project pictures later. 


  1. Wow, that's a bright coat! Looks so much better on the footstool instead of a person.

  2. VERY good use of that coat. I agree, it looks great on the footstool!

  3. Congratulations are in order. I don't think I would have been able to see past such an unattractive coat to its ultimate potential. Excellent!

  4. Wow, an awful coat turned into a lovely footstool. I like the way you see potential in things most people pass by.


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