Fruit Salad!

Even though it's just the hubs and I at home now, we're determined to eat healthier and make smarter purchases at the grocers. I've started buying my apples and oranges by the bag. Then I make this yummy fruit salad which is so easy AND healthy. You can substitute fruit to accommodate the season. Here's what I used.....

1 firm banana - peeled and sliced
2 red apple - large chunks
2 seedless oranges - peeled and separated
1 bunch seedless grapes
some peanuts
1/2 cup fat free vanilla flavored yogurt
just a squirt of lemon juice

Wash apples and grapes well; let dry. In large bowl put in the first four ingredients. Stir lightly. Squirt a little lemon juice over contents. Sprinkle peanuts over fruit and add yogurt. Stir lightly until all fruit is coated. Eat up! YUM!!!!


  1. This sounds so good! We have lemons galore and I need to eat more fruit so will have to try this fruit salad.

  2. Have I told you I like your banner photo? What a fun idea....who would have thought wire hangers could be so cute?



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