Easy and Fun Projects of 2010 - A Few of My Favorites

My backyard red ginger.
Happy New Year to my fellow bloggers! It's been an inspiring year! Here's a recap of a few easy and fun projects (for me anyway) from this past year. I've tried to give credit where credit is due, so please let me know if you feel I've neglected anyone.

Join Ravelry (it's FREE) to sample any of their awesome easy and fun free patterns. Make a crochet bag in the color of your choice.

This attractive, affordable tropical-style hanging room divider was an easy and fun joint project with my daughter, Riki, in preparation for the opening of her day spa in charming Astoria, Oregon. (Malama Day Spa opened in early October and is truly thriving!) Thank you Astoria! :)

My DIY string lanterns were a little messy in the making, but definitely easy and fun! I feel fortunate again that Craft Gossip decided to show them off too. :) (I LOVE that site; they have the coolest projects from real people.) lol

I was inspired by ALL YOU to plaid paint these metal stools. Easy and fun! 

I learned to make the best pillow corner on this pretty petal pillow. See the post for links to the two wonderful ladies with the tutes for the pillow and how to make the best pillow corner.

I made the Top Ten at the DIY Club with this easy and fun spooning project. Craft Gossip also liked it enough to show it on their site. Thanks to both!

I used wood shims to make this fun and affordable wall art I called shim chic. The folks at Lowes Creative Ideas thought it was good enough to share. :)

Cut bamboo and twist wire to make your own plant hangers - another very easy and fun project completed this year.

Create this travel pillow and blanket for personal comfort on your next flight.

 Nothing easier than this doily lamp shade cover.

Colorful, cotton bandanas make for an easy and fun summer tote which were also shown here on Craft Gossip. (Thank you Craft Gossip!) :)

In May, I shared a tutorial on making clothespin bags, made a funky bowling ball doorstop, a double-sided custom lamp shade, and shared how I created candle holders out of old car parts.    

In April, I used 3/4" plywood, adhesive letters and Rit liquid fabric dye to make this easy and fun Hokey Pokey sign.

I used air vent covers from the hardware store to fashion this fun lamp. Up lighting is a good thing. :)
Now, wasn't that easy and fun? ;) Wishing for you a happy, healthy, and creative 2011. Aloha!


  1. You're so whimsicle in your crafting. LOVE THE RECAP!!!
    I think I want to make a sign for my henhouse over their little door... "Fresh Eggs Daily". I guess I'll need to do some kind of shallack veneer something or the other to make it weather proof. I do a chicken kitchen too. Got any funny sign ideas? :-)

  2. Thank you Michelle! Here's the link to a page I've saved that you may like.....http://thelongthread.com/?p=6805
    The blogger's 5 year old daughter drew Clara the Chicken and they made embroidered ornaments out of the drawing. Anyway, that same design would look really cute on any old board sign, I think, don't you? You could just enlarge the design and then trace it. (I'd be sure to send a copy to thelongthread for her blog and show her what you've done.) :) If the sign is to be exposed to all sorts of outside weather, you definitely would need to use an exterior varnish of some sort. It can get kind of expensive though. Go to Springfield to the Habitat for Humanity Restore at 2410 South Scenic. Here's a link to the site and a 25% off coupon for your first visit. http://www.habitatspringfieldmo.org/habit-for-humanity-springfield-restore/restore-products/ I LOVE that place and go there to check out stuff when I go back to Missouri to visit family. Anyway, you may be able to find a great deal on some exterior varnish (and who knows what else?) AND they don't charge sales tax! Yeah! Keep me posted...I'd love to see your finished sign. :)

  3. I once went to that store when it was out on Chestnut, but that's been a very long time ago. Thanks for the link and reminder!

  4. LOVE the Hokey Pokey sign! Too funny! Totally going to steal that! :)


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