Felt Flowers

Felt flowers are everywhere! I had to try my hand at making some because I really enjoy working with felt. Plus, these felt flowers are simple, inexpensive and fast to complete. For similar felt flowers, you'll need: felt, scissors, sticks from the ground (FREE), hot glue gun, green florist tape and a few old buttons.

I trimmed and sprayed the sticks with a satin finish coating of polycrylic to make them a little more durable before beginning the assembly process.

I just winged it when it came time to decide what type of felt flowers I wanted to make. Truthfully, this project is hard to mess up because, of course, felt flowers aren't real anyway, right? I've seen some felt floral bouquets on the Internet that were created by some incredibly talented artisans, but I prefer this more cartoonish look. ooops (yeah right!)

Secure the stick to the felt with a dab of hot glue. Then run a thin line of glue along the edge of the felt. Wait a few seconds before beginning to roll the felt around the stick. After that's cooled, use some of the green florist tape to wind around the bottom. It conceals any glue residue and makes the felt flowers appear more lifelike.  (Well as lifelike as felt flowers can be.)  :)

If you find the stick is visible in the center of the flower, you can either trim the flower shaggier by cutting the straight petals down the middle and fluffing them to cover the stick, OR you can hot glue an old button to the center as shown in the bottom pic.

Of course, nothing beats the real thing, but felt flowers might just do in a pinch. Have fun!


  1. Pam, I've got to find a way to incorporate these felt flowers in my daughter's room! I feel a summer project coming on!!!!!! Great ideas!!


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