uShip - Affordable Movers - Shaking Up the Competition

uShip is unique for the savvy consumer who appreciates saving money and great personal service. This is the experience I've had with the website, uShip, while searching for someone to haul a few pieces of furniture from one state to another.

My cargo didn't contain priceless antiques as you can see, but priceless to my daughter in sentiment. And price was very much a factor. I don't know anyone "made of money" and we are no exception. lol

Talk about customer service! The driver blanket wrapped and saran wrapped the pieces and then sent me a picture of them before they even left the pickup location. In fact, I got his email before my son (who had been storing these pieces for his sister) had even thought to call me to let me know the shipper had come and gone.

Everything completed timely, very affordably (and via PayPal). Our thanks to Frank and Lois of seattledriver who carried the furniture to its destination safely and quickly. If you've been looking for a similar service and want to learn the savings of LCL (less than container load shipping), read more about uShip here.


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