Habitat for Humanity ReStore - Heaven for DIYers!

If you haven't checked out a Habitat for Humanity ReStore yet, you are surely missing some awesome bargains. Even the folks at Better Homes and Gardens know what treasures can be found at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore. The kitchen pictured above was put together using discount building materials purchased at their local ReStore.

Our local ReStore on Oahu is only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday and you'll find that each ReStore's hours will vary by location. Speaking of location and ReStores.......find out all about Habitat for Humanity's ReStores and where they're located, plus samples of merchandise here.
Let us know what you find at your ReStore and remember to pass the word along. These stores are a win-win for both the consumer and, of course, the worthy cause they support.


  1. I love the idea of the Habitat Re-Store, but our local store has gotten ridiculous. They used to be a place to find great deals. Because of that hubby used to donate used construction items to them regularly. Now however, they have started charging too much. A used toilet, and I do mean used, is $50 to $75! I bought a brand new toilet at Lowe's in the clearance isle, nothing wrong with it, not used, for $25. They also get new hardware from Lowes, things that did not sell or are no longer carried by them, and they charge the same or more than Lowes. Sorry, but the whole reason I am at the Re-Store is to get a good deal while helping someone else. I hope that not all Re-Stores are like ours, because I think they are a great concept. Ours is just disappointing.

  2. Same here. The Restore in our area has high prices. I've only been once and that was enough to send me packing.

  3. Melissa & Tru - I'm so sorry to hear that! Seriously, maybe you should speak to someone on the board of your local Habitat for Humanity group? After all, the ReStores are there for one purpose only, and if some stores price their items too high, that's gotta be bad for business. :(
    I've been lucky I guess with the ReStores I've shopped at. We've always mananged to find some great bargains here on Oahu and I used to go to a ReStore back in Missouri when I'd visit family too.

  4. Good idea if their prices are low.


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