Crochet Today - Crochet Flower Potholders

Wow! "Look at Me" Pretty Petal Potholders
Crochet today involves really wonderful colors and textures and patterns. To me the potholders look "new", although I made these crochet flower potholders based on a 1946 pattern. I only finished them an hour or so ago and can't wait to put them to use.

I have to say this vintage potholder pattern was first brought to my attention by the super talented Lucy at Attic 24. She adapted the 1946 pattern to fashion a vibrantly eye-catching pillow. (I featured Lucy's pillow here previously in a page all about DIY flower pillows.) Before even beginning the pair of pretty petal potholders, I used Lucy's instructions to crochet the simple white pillow pictured. (A sepia tone in editing was used strictly for contrast.) I wanted to show how the same pattern can go from subdued elegance to WOW!!! look at me!

Same pattern used to make this pillow - (Only bigger)
But I'm getting off track.....
I want to show you how I finished the potholders.

Trace same size circle on wrong side of fabric.

Machine stitch or hand stitch along traced line on fabric.

Cut 1/2" outside stitching. Fold along stitching and pin to back.

 Slip stitch fabric to back of potholder.

Use crochet yarn to attach cafe ring to back of potholder.

These pretty petal potholders look right at home in my kitchen, don't they? :) (Speaking of potholders, I've written a whole page on all kinds of easy to make potholders here.) I guess what I wanted to get across in this post was I feel crochet today is an art that honors the lessons we've learned from crochet of the past. What do you think?

By the way, this craft project is my very first project completed for Finish It Friday. Bring along your finished project and join the fun here. Have a wonderful weekend!


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