Outdoor Living - Our Lanai

Outdoor Living on Our Lanai
   Our lanai is where we do a lot of outdoor living. What exactly do we do out here? Well, I'm typing this post on my laptop right now, sitting at the table with the blue tablecloth. The hammock is perfect for lounging around listening to the tradewinds tickle the bamboo chimes. A lot of lazy days have been spent just sitting here on the lanai and "talking story" as they say in Hawaii.
   Mostly though, our outdoor living space is used for cooking and eating. We love the variety of food in Hawaii that represents so many different cultures. I've shared some favorite local style recipes here.

Kalua Pork Oven Roasted

Seared Ahi Tuna

Tofu Salad
   Actually, it's getting close enough to lunchtime now. Think I'll go see if I can put together something to eat. :)  Aloha! 


  1. Wouldn't I love to drop my slippers at the door! (You'd have to remind me. Here in the North, our policy is "you can make yourself at home here and keep your shoes on." But then, we have lots of mud and snow and yuck.....) Reading this, I love the image I can bring up when I think of the warm breezes, wind chimes and island foods. I also spent some time visiting your recipes on Squidoo. Love 'em all...or I think I would !


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