Felt Heart Pin - Felt Heart Garland

I made a small batch of felt heart pins last night in a very short time. No pattern is needed and the self adhesive bar pins make completing these felt heart pins even easier.

All you do is free hand cut out the heart shapes (two for each pin). Embroider an initial (if desired) on the face of one heart.

Hand sew two heart halves together (wrong sides touching) with a simple straight stitch along the edge. Leave an opening to stuff a little fiberfill inside to make the felt heart puffy and continue stitching until heart is closed.

Add self-adhesive bar pin to back.
This felt heart garland was also a very simple project. I used three different colors of felt to make the garland, free hand cutting out various sized hearts as I went along. Then the felt hearts were simply stitched together on my sewing machine. This felt heart garland turned out to be 15 ft long.

Felt Heart Garland

Felt Heart Garland - Closeup
Felt Heart Garland - Sewing Hearts Together
There are a lot of different Valentine garlands on the internet. Everyone has their own version, so have a look around the net. Make a felt heart garland for Valentines and do it in your style. :) Have fun!
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