Kitchen Valance Treatments - One Window - Five Looks

Five different kitchen valance treatments for one window were put together from items I already had on hand. (yep, the rice paddles too, believe it or not.) These five valance treatments are inexpensive and quick to make.

Bamboo table runner hung with clip rings from a bamboo stalk.

S hooks secure black oversized pot holders and rubber silicone hot pads from the same piece of bamboo.

Two for $1 natural rice paddles create this one of a kind kitchen valance.

Mix vintage and new cooking gadgets and utensils. Valance treatments such as this one are decorative,  functional and save space in a small kitchen. When you're done cooking with that spatula, wash it and hang it back up.

Fold over one corner of a table napkin and sew a small casing. Slide the curtain rod or bamboo through the casing. Use three colorfully coordinated napkins side by side to create a handkerchief edge to this valance.

What valance treatments could you make using items you may already have at home?


  1. I liked the paddle valance.Very cute

  2. These are great options for dressing up the windows. Love the utensils! I just wish it weren't so hot here in AZ (I use thermal lined drapes on all my windows... ugly!).


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